Friday 9th July
10am–3pm RASNZ Council meeting
Space Place Library
1pm–3pmGuided Walking Tour Of Astronomy
Wellington Botanic Gardens
Meet under the sails next to Wellington Museum and the TSB Arena. Bring a face mask and be aware that unless you have a SuperGold card the Cable Car fare is $5.
4pm–5pm Affiliated Societies meeting
Te Wharewaka Function Centre
7pm–9pm Session 1 - Peter Felhofer
Welcome: RASNZ President and WAS Representative
Official Opening: A Constellation of former RASNZ Presidents
Fellows’ Address: John Drummond: Some pot got me into astronomy
Refreshments and socialising
Saturday 10th July
7:30amSWAPA meeting
Venue: The Dwellington
9am – 10:40am Session 2 - Chair: Nick Rattenbury
9:00am - Mihi Whakatau: Kaumatua Matua Matiu Julian, Kaikorero, Te Wharewaka o Pōneke
9:10am - SWAPA mini-session 1 (2020 cohort)
9:30am - Nalayini Brito: The Story of ASTRONZ's unique contribution to NZ Astronomy
9:50am - Ilija Tolich: New Space New Zealand
10:10am - Richard Easther: Lighting the dark: Understanding the early universe
10:30am - Andrew Buckingham: ASTRONZ presentation
10:40am – 11:10amMorning Tea
11:10am – 12:55pm Session 3 - Chair: Roland Idaczyk
11:10am - SWAPA mini-session 2
11:30am - Andrew Rakich: Telescope metrology on large telescopes and next-generation active optics
11:50am - Cameron McEwing: Calculating extragalactic distances using remote online telescope services
12:10pm - Héloïse Stevance: The most luminous supernovae: It takes two to tango
12:55pmConference Photo
1pm – 2pmLunch
2pm – 3:30pm Session 4 - Chair: Steve Butler
2:00pm - Chris Gordon: The effect of kick velocities on the spatial distribution of millisecond pulsars and implications for the galactic centre excess
2:20pm - Petra Nianqi Tang: Estimating power spectral density parameters of the stochastic gravitational wave background for LISA
2:40pm - Hamish Barker: Spectroscopy of suspected giant eclipsing binary ASASSN-21co
3:00pm - John Hearnshaw: The New Zealand Astronomical Society: The first 50 years
3:30pm – 4pmAfternoon Tea
4pm – 5pmRASNZ Annual General Meeting
4pm – 6pmMeeting of SWAPAs and Guest Speaker
6.15pm – 7pmPre-Dinner drinks to view to Matariki Fireworks display
Join us upstairs at Te Wharewaka Function Centre for the best view in town for Wellington’s biggest fireworks display of the year! Entry with dinner tickets only.
7:00pmConference Dinner
Presentations and Awards will be announced during the evening.
  • Murray Geddes Prize
  • Bright Star Award
  • President's Award
  • After Dinner Speaker - Tipi Wehipeihana
The theme for this year’s dinner is constellations – come dressed as your favourite constellation from any culture for a chance to win a prize! Please note that your registration for dinner will be checked on entry.
Sunday 11th July
9am – 10:20amSession 5: Chair - Nalayini Brito
9:00am - Aayushi Verma: Characterising the activity of new comets and active asteroids observed in the LOOK Project
9:20am - Nick Rattenbury: The Kerr-Tinsley Centre of Research Excellence
9:40am - Ed Budding: Dark secrets in close binaries
10:00am - JJ Eldridge: Understanding the stars that make ripples in gravity
10:20am – 11amMorning Tea
11am – 12:30amSession 6: Chair - Finlay Mably
11:00am - John Drummond: New Zealand Observations of the Great Comet of 1881
11:20am - Amelia Cordwell: Asteroid lightcurves in the MOA-II Survey
11:40am - Pauline Harris: The Revitalisation of Matariki and Puanga and the establishment of a National Holiday
1:30pm – 3pm Session 7: Chair - Marilyn Head
1:30pm - Glen Rowe: The multidisciplinary domain of the astronomers on Cook's three voyages to the Pacific: a New Zealand perspective
1:50pm - Wouter van Zeist: Riroriro: A tool for simulating gravitational waves and evaluating their detectability
2:10pm - Euan Mason: A statistical model of sunspot cycles II: How good was the prediction and what is predicted for the next cycle?
2:30pm - Yvette Perrott: An unusual high-frequency galaxy cluster minihalo
2:50pm - Peter Felhofer: Presentation of 2022 RASNZ Conference from the Northland Astronomical Society
3pm Conference Close
4pm - 5pmPublic talk (Free) - Presentation by Dr Heloise Stevance, University of Auckland.
How Neutrons Stars and Black Holes are born, and the most impactful discoveries of LIGO/VIRGO in the last 5 years. Suitable for people from all walks of life from children to seasoned amateur astronomers.
Monday 12th July
9am – 12:30pmDark Sky Workshop
Te Wāhanga Atawhai Mercy Conference Centre
15 Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington