Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (Inc)

2021 Conference Wellington, 9th July - 11th July

Hosted by the Wellington Astronomical Society

RASNZ was founded as the New Zealand Astronomical Society in November 1920, with its first meeting held in 1921. Please join us at the Conference and help us celebrate the Society’s Centenary.

RASNZ conferences are an opportunity for members, professional and amateur astronomers and interested members of the public to hear up to date presentations on a range of astronomical activities and topics.

Conferences also provide a chance to renew acquaintances and establish new friendships with like-minded people.

Dr Heloise Stevance
University of Auckland

Public talk (Free)
Wibbly Wobbly Smashy Crashy

…Or at least that’s how colliding neutron stars and black holes go in my head.

In this presentation I talk about how Neutrons Stars and Black Holes are born, and the most impactful discoveries of LIGO/VIRGO in last 5 years, to people from all walks of life from children to seasoned amateur astronomers.

When: Sunday July 11 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm |  Where: Wharewaka, Wellington waterfront.


Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington

The Conference will be held in the Wharewaka Function Centre, situated on Wellington’s
waterfront close to Te Papa.